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·GB/T XXXX-XXXX "auto parts and materials’ atmospheric exposu...
·QC/T 658-2009 "passenger vehicle -air-conditioning cooling s...
·GB/T 12542-2009 "auto heat balance road test method"
·QC/T 732-2005 "the methods of enhanced corrosion test"
·QC/T 728-2005 "the auto atmospheric exposure test method"
·QC/T 646.1-2000 "auto dust tightness test,the way of dust-ho...
Unit of corporate name: Hainan Tropical Automobile Test Co., Ltd 
Address: No.13, Jia Ji Fu-hai Road, Qionghai City, Hainan Province,  Zip: 571400
Business Tel:0898-62923841,0898-62923373 Fax:00898-62923673 QIONG ICP Registration Number:05002025